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    We provide a broad array of automotive services, and is also a preferred vendor with  Customers in possession of a fleet vehicle under management with one of these companies are authorized to utilize our services.
    It is important to know that the parts our technicians install are guaranteed to meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Vehicle warranties, whether leased or purchased, are protected when our service is used.
    In addition to a wide array of preventative maintenance services, We perform most repairs on-site. These can include engine, drivetrain, braking, electrical, cooling, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, underbody, suspension, and steering.     The following is a partial listing of automotive preventive maintenance services offered by MOBILE ASE MECHANICS:

Basic Oil Change (Recommended Every 3,000 Miles/3 Months)
A basic oil change consists of up to 5 quarts of performance motor oil that meets or exceeds your car manufacturer's specifications. The oil filter is replaced (and recycled) and the following are performed, checked, and/or filled as needed at no additional cost:

• safety inspection
• power steering fluid
• battery water
• transmission fluid
• transfer case fluid
• washer fluid
• radiator fluid
• differential fluid
• air system filters
• brake fluid clutch fluid
• tire pressure

Note: We recycle the used oil at no added charge. As part of our service, we keep maintenance records for all work we perform on your vehicle and can provide you with a certified copy upon request. Other oil selections are available if requested in advance for an additional charge.

Basic Maintenance Tune-Up
A Basic Maintenance Tune-Up consists of all spark plugs removed and replaced with parts that meet or exceed the car manufacturer's specifications. Diagnostics are performed to check efficiency and to correct any loss of fuel efficiency, loss of power, rough idle, or difficulty with starts.

Note: Other items to consider when getting a tune-up:
When ordering a Basic Tune-Up, it is recommended to replace the spark plug wire set, as well as the air system filters and the fuel filter. It is also suggested that a Complete Fuel System Cleaning be performed.

Radiator Flush (Recommended Every 30,000 Miles/2 Years)
A Radiator Flush consists of up to 3 gallons of Ethylene Glycol or DEXCOOL coolant mixed with ultra-pure deionized water. Includes replacement of 100% of the old coolant providing fresh rust and corrosion inhibitors and reducing the chances of freezing in low temperatures or boiling over in extremely high temperatures. United recycles the used antifreeze, and technicians pressure test the radiator cap and check the cooling system hoses at no additional cost.

Manual Transmission Service (Recommended Every 30,000 Miles/2 Years)

Automatic Transmission Service (Recommended Every 30,000 Miles/2 Years)
An Automatic Transmission Service features the latest fluid machine technology to replace 100% of the old transmission fluid and consists of up to 8 quarts of Dexron III/Mercon ATF. This is the only way to get the old fluid out of your transmission's torque converter. United recycles the used transmission fluid and technicians check the transmission fluid cooling system hoses at no additional cost.

Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Change (Recommended for vehicles that haven't had a transmission flush in over 2 years, except Honda's)
An Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Change includes an Automatic Transmission Service plus replacement of the transmission filter.

Front Differential Fluid Change (Recommended Every 15,000 Miles/12 Months)

Rear Differential Fluid Change (Recommended Every 15,000 Miles/12 Months)

Transfer Case Fluid Change (Recommended Every 15,000 Miles/12 Months)

Lube Point Service (Included with our Texas Tea Oil Change)

Windshield Removal & Replacement

Windshield Repair

Battery Removal, Replacement, and Recycling

Air Filter Replacement

PCV Valve Replacement

Breather Element Replacement

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Headlamp Replacement

Mini-bulb Replacement

Tire Rotation (Recommended Every 6,000 Miles)

Special price if performed with any fluid service.

Complete Fuel System Cleaning (Recommended Every 12 Months)
A complete process for cleaning the fuel and intake systems of engine (service includes a Fuel Treatment). Powerful cleaning agents remove power robbing carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and fuel injectors that can cause hard starting, poor acceleration (hesitation), lost power, poor fuel economy, high emissions, engine run-on, pinging, knocking and rough idling. The service is equally effective on gasoline-powered injected or carbureted systems. For best results, this service should be performed every 15,000 miles or once a year.

Fuel Treatment (Recommended Every Oil Change)
This is a gas tank additive to help clean deposit build up in your fuel system featuring Castrol Syntec Power System Professional, the only fuel treatment formulated with Syntec Molecular Components. Castrol Syntec Power System Professional is more powerful than ordinary fuel treatments and helps reverse "engine de-tune" and improves acceleration in today's high technology engines. For best results, Castrol Syntec Power System Professional should be added to your fuel every 3,000 miles, or at every Oil Change. (Note: This product is not to be used in diesel engines.)


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